Jmol 13.0.12 for Windows 10


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Jmol is a program for three-dimensional visualization of chemical particles. The application is cross-platform and is written in Java. Currently supported platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The main advantage of the application's support for a large number of file formats chemical particles. Among them you can find: CIF / mmCIF, CML, Fiberglass, CTFile, GAMESS, Gaussian output 94/98/03, Ghemical, HIN, Jaguar, MM1GP, MOL, Molpro, 93/97/2002 Mopac output, NWCHEM, odydata, PDB , qoute, SDF, SHELX, SMOL, spinput, xodydata, XYZ XYZ + vib and XYZ-FAH. Other options: · Export file formats particles into jpg,. Png,. Ppm. Pdf and PovRay · Animation, vibration · View length, angles and torsion angles · High performance when rendering